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Hilarious and insightful

Love the chemistry and the awkwardness. Nice blend of financial questions and pop culture. The TV show descriptions are the best.

Funny & Insightful!

I love that this podcast makes me laugh but is also very insightful and relatable!! 5 stars 👏

Thank you!!!

I LOVE this podcast! It is the perfect mix of education and entertainment. The banter back and forth between Chris and Allison has me laughing out loud at least once per episode. I’ve been resisting becoming a patreon member as I’ve been trying to cut my monthly subscription budget but know it’s only a matter of time before I come over to the dark side and hit the ‘subscribe’ button.

Love it!

This podcast is a thought provoking while also light hearted. I enjoy the truly awkward scenarios shared. Especially those shared by the hosts.

Fun and realistic

I love the real life situations discussed and great advice Chris and Allison offer. They really put things in perspective.

Unique and fun

Allison and Chris found a niche in the saturated personal finance space with this podcast!

Fun and informative

Great chemistry between the two of you. As a psychologist, I much appreciate your support of therapy as a tool and your candor helps normalize therapy as an option.

Chris & Allison make talking about debt fun!

Thank you for the motivation! You both have great personalities and make talking about debt easier. Thank you!!

Best of Both Worlds!

I love this podcast! It combines two of my favorite things: humor and personal finance. This is a MUCH welcomed change of pace from my normal “information-heavy” podcasts. Chris and Allison have great chemistry and their playful back & forth makes it so much fun. I had the pleasure of joining them for a live recording on YouTube today and it was awesome! I tried not to binge all of the episodes when I found this podcast...sadly I failed, lol. I struggled to stretch it out for two weeks. Oh well, I look forward to every new episode. Keep up the great work Chris & Allison! -Alex Smith IG: almif39

Light but Fulfilling

I am so glad I discovered this podcast. I’ve never been into podcasts, but I’ve gotten “into” budgeting and managing my money. This podcast is so motivating to stick to my financial goals because Allison and Chris talk through different real life situations in which our goals are tested. They’re funny and lighthearted but give great advice. Listening to them leaves me fulfilled!

So Much Fun!

Allison and Chris are both so funny! This podcast has been such a great way to learn how to deal with some awkward money situations you can fine yourself in!

I could listen to them ramble all day.

I’ve been a big fan of Chris’ Popcorn Finance Podcast for some years now, and when I first heard one of his collabs with Allison, I followed her on Instagram right away. I’m still so excited that they started this podcast together! Chris and Allison make a great personal finance duo. They keep everything fun, upbeat, and educational. Whenever I feel like I know everything already, I always end up learning something new from these two.

so fun!!

Put this podcast on your Monday morning playlist to start your week off laughing! Great advice to handle all the cringey money conversations in life. Thanks Allison and Chris

One of my favorites

I look forward to this podcast each week. I can tell this is a labor of love. Chris and Allison are so fun fun to listen to, and the awkward stories are hilarious! -Meadowsweet Money

When I need a happy place..I come here..

Allison and Chris have such a great banter back and forth, that I can listen, giggle, and just take a breather from my day. I don’t come to this podcast to look for financial secrets (I follow their other sites for that), I come here to listen to awkward situations (some that I can totally relate to) and just laugh. Listening to Allison and Chris is like listening to good friends who you can totally relate with. From their own personal situations to listener’s questions/messages to things they love, it leaves me happy and smiling. I listen to their podcasts as I go into work early morning and it makes my time go so quickly. Thank you for bringing some joy into my day. Brings my anxiety of being at work so much better.

The Hilarious Money-Focused Podcast You NEED IN YOUR LIFE RN!!

I’m not a newbie to Allison and Chris. In fact, you could even call me a fan. I’ve loved their other content (Popcorn Finance podcast and Inspired Budget) for a while, especially the episodes on PF and other collaborations they’ve done before. BUT YOU GUYS THIS IS JUST SO FUNNY, SO REAL, SO DANG GOOD. They make me laugh out loud when I’m walking my dog in the neighborhood so I look like a total weirdo...and I’m OK with it. The thing is, while the banter is TOP NOTCH and truly so funny, they cover seriously awkward stuff that is SO VALUABLE to have people hash out. Like the intricacies of these weird situations that we so often find ourselves in. SO HELPFUL. Anyway, I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode. I hope this podcast is here to stay! 10/10 would recommend!!

Funny, relatable, and informative

I came for the awkward money stories, but I’m definitely sticking around for the hilarious banter and chemistry between the hosts. Please don’t change!

So good!

I love this podcast! It’s such a fun way to learn more about money and finances. Plus, Chris and Allison are so fun to listen to! Definitely worth subscribing to!

Good podcast.

I like the podcast. I think it will keep getting better with time.

Like hanging with my finance friends!

I LOVE this podcast! It’s so much different than the other finance podcasts because it’s literally like listening to my friends chat about finances...except Chris and Allison actually know what they are talking about lol. I’m laughing and learning! It’s light and fun and I love that they actually take calls from real people. Thanks so much! Keep it up!


I enjoy following Allison, The Inspired Budget, on Instagram. She’s a great icon in this debt free community! I am loving this podcast and all that it has to offer!


Chris’ voice is so smooth like buttah

So fun!

Chris and Allison dropping some money truth bombs while making you laugh!! I love it!

Well this is gonna be fun!

Looking forward to more stories!

Fun show!

This is a fun money show which are few and far between. I’ve been waiting for something like this!


I’m so on board for this!

I'm so excited!

I'm looking forward to this podcast with two of my favorite Instagram friends!! This team is a must subscribe!