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May 17, 2023

70| My Parents Are Horrible Tippers

What do you do when you go out to eat with your parents and they are the world's worst tippers?  That's the dilemma facing our anonymous writer this week. Their parents have a tipping rule that hasn't changed in 20 years, and while it might have...

May 03, 2023

69| How Do I Kick Him Out?!

Have you ever been in a situation where you let someone move in to save money, only to regret it later?  That's exactly what happened to our listener. They let their fiance's friend move in to their house to save money on rent, but after losing...

April 19, 2023

68| Do you know someone who always seems to "forget" to pay you for your work?

That's the predicament our self-employed listener is facing, and it's driving them crazy! Despite several reminders, the client keeps delaying payment, and our listener is unsure how to handle this weird behavior. Join Us On Patreon Get access to even...

April 05, 2023

67| Pay Off Your Debt or No Wedding!

Can you put conditions in place before you agree to marry someone? This week Chris and Allison dive into a listener's cringe-worthy story about a coworker who demanded his future wife pay off her credit card debt before they tied the knot. Listen in...

April 04, 2023

Patreon Preview: Money Made Easy - A Dramatic Reading

Join Us On Patreon Get access to even more bonus content with our This Is Awkward Patreon starting at just $3!     Allison's brand new book Money Made Easy just released today! So in honor of her new book Chris has prepared a dramatic...

March 30, 2023

The 3 Most Common 1099 Forms - H&R Block Tax Tips

It feels like we get a million tax forms in the mail every year. In this special bonus H&R Block Tax Tip episode lets breakdown 3 of the most common 1099 forms that you should be on the look out for each year.   Today's awkwardness is...

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Chris Browning


Chris Browning is the creator and host of the award-winning, short-form podcast Popcorn Finance & the call in money advice show This is Awkward. Chris began producing podcasts in 2017 when he created Popcorn Finance, a podcast discussing finance in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn.

Through podcasting, Chris has reached thousands of listeners with over 1 million total podcast downloads. His passion for personal finance began in college where he earned his degree in Finance. After taking just one finance class, Chris realized just how little he actually knew about managing his own money. He knew he couldn't be the only one who felt this way.

Chis has spent over a decade working as a financial analyst & bookkeeper and over 5 years podcasting. He has received numerous honors including the Consumer Excellence Award in Media in 2021 and best new podcast from the Plutus Awards in 2018. Chris has been featured by and contributed to CNBC, PBS, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Forbes. You can also find Chris providing personal finance advice in his weekly segment on NBCLX.

Chris also the Host and Producer of the short form series Money Burst presented by Truliant Federal Credit Union.

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Allison Baggerly


Allison is a blogger, influencer, speaker, and the founder of Inspired Budget. As a teacher and small business owner, Allison combined her passion for teaching and finances to help others learn how to start budgeting. Since starting Inspired Budget in 2017, Allison has been able to retire as a teacher and take her desire to help others full time. Now she is helping women all over the world get started with budgeting when they feel lost and overwhelmed. She has built a tribe of over 100K Instagram followers that turn to her for budgeting advice and inspiration to save more than they ever imagined.