This Is Awkward

The Hilarious Money-Focused Podcast You NEED IN YOUR LIFE RN!!

I’m not a newbie to Allison and Chris. In fact, you could even call me a fan. I’ve loved their other content (Popcorn Finance podcast and Inspired Budget) for a while, especially the episodes on PF and other collaborations they’ve done before.

BUT YOU GUYS THIS IS JUST SO FUNNY, SO REAL, SO DANG GOOD. They make me laugh out loud when I’m walking my dog in the neighborhood so I look like a total weirdo...and I’m OK with it.

The thing is, while the banter is TOP NOTCH and truly so funny, they cover seriously awkward stuff that is SO VALUABLE to have people hash out. Like the intricacies of these weird situations that we so often find ourselves in. SO HELPFUL.

Anyway, I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode. I hope this podcast is here to stay!

10/10 would recommend!!

Sept. 14, 2020 by Kate Dubya Cole on Apple Podcasts

This Is Awkward